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How to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster in 3 Clicks

March 5, 2019

Topics: 1 minute readKubernetes

One of the biggest challenges that customers face with containers is storage. Customers are increasingly turning to Kubernetes when refactoring existing applications or building new applications with microservices, whether in public clouds, private clouds, or on the premises. But if stateful application containers fail, so does the data.

Enter NetApp® Kubernetes Service (NKS). This service combines infrastructure and application orchestration to create a strong control plane for customers. Through NKS, customers deploy, manage, maintain, upgrade, and retire applications. NKS combines the NetApp Trident storage driver for persistent volume claims for stateful applications, with all of NetApp’s rich data services. And because it’s a service, there’s nothing to install or upgrade – instead, customers can just start deploying clusters, applications, and services into their environments.

NKS supports all the biggest public clouds, whether you’re deploying directly into the cloud or using a cloud managed service. Watch this demo to learn how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in 3 clicks.

NetApp Kubernetes Service offers reliability, consistency, and commonality for users who are deploying clusters. Watch this demo to learn more about the benefits of NKS for DevOps.

Kristina Brand, Cloud Data Services

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