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Meeting Demands: Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Increases APAC Availability

NetApp’s data fabric vision continues to deliver a single experience for our customers in their private clouds and on the world’s largest public clouds. We give our customers the choice and flexibility to decide where their applications run. And they can migrate to a public cloud with confidence in performance and sovereignty without being forced to transform their applications. This ability has never been more important than in these uncertain times, as customers are forced to evolve their business models, control their costs, and ensure agility in their cloud strategy.

Our customers are reviewing how they connect with their clients and the services they offer, and at the same time they’re establishing how their own employees work from home to perform their daily duties. The speed and agility of the public cloud are driving increased adoption of more flexible business models and platforms across the APAC region.

There’s no doubt that Amazon Web Services is a driving in force in the development of cloud native applications, delivering significant growth across the region. More and more customers are looking to AWS for help with their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), legacy enterprise applications, and virtual server environments. As these organizations review their business models and look to drive efficiencies in their IT environments, they are presented with very short deployment timeframes and saddled with trying to keep risk at an all-time low.

Excellent customer feedback for expanded support has led to the announcement that we have expanded the NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS to Singapore (ap-southeast-1). AWS and NetApp continue to push the envelope to support more cloud workloads, and as a result we are expanding service into our ninth region around the globe.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is an enterprise-grade file service that provides NAS volumes for a wide range of file share needs for both Linux and Windows application environments. Powered by all-flash performance and advanced data management, Cloud Volumes Service enables customers to migrate any workload, including VDI, enterprise applications, databases, and virtual server solutions to run on the AWS cloud. All of this without incurring additional risk, the lengthy timelines associated with application transformation, or refactoring migration challenges. This high-performance cloud storage experience allows customers to dynamically choose their storage performance tier, enjoy guaranteed SLAs, and pay for only what they use with a metered pay-as-you-go model. All of these benefits allow our customers to focus on their own clients’ outcomes and not on their infrastructure.

Your data, any cloud.

AWS and NetApp will continue to meet customers’ demands by deploying services and regional availability around the globe. To learn how Cloud Volumes Service for AWS can help accelerate your cloud strategy, read about Cloud Volumes Service or start a trial today.

VP, Solution Engineering – APAC