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All-New Cloud Data Sense Features: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL Support and More

November 25, 2020

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Since the debut of Cloud Data Sense last year, companies have been leveraging this new NetApp technology to map, identify, and report on sensitive private data in cloud-based repositories to help stay in line with data privacy regulations the world over. With the latest release of Cloud Data Sense, that functionality is expanding to more systems than ever before.

In this post we’ll introduce you to these features, which you’re going to hear a lot more about in the future.

Database Data Privacy Support for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

Some of the most popular databases today are more than likely to contain large amounts of sensitive private data that falls within the purview of GDPR and other data privacy regulation. But finding a way to locate exactly which data is a privacy concern manually can be extremely labor intensive, not to mention ineffective. Cloud Data Sense has already been providing automatic data mapping capabilities for use with MSSQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA—and now those same capabilities are available for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases.

With Cloud Data Sense, sensitive private data housed in these databases can be automatically identified and reported on so your business can stay in line with the data privacy stipulations in GDPR, CCPA, and the host of similar regulations being enacted internationally.

A New Pricing Model for AWS and Azure

The latest Cloud Data Sense pricing offers the first 1 TB of data free. For many companies, this free 1 TB can be enough to scan the entire relevant data store, though that won’t be the case for others. After that free 1 TB, you have two different options if you want ongoing control over your sensitive private data with Cloud Data Sense: the pay-as-you-go option and the Annual option.

With the new pay-as-you-go model, you can scan unlimited amounts of data for $50 per TB per month. This is a good option when your data estate is a manageable size or a few TBs. But for larger organizations with vast amounts of data in their warehouses, that option might not be the most cost effective. With the Annual option, Cloud Data Sense can be used to identify, scan, and report on your sensitive private data for 20% less. To get started with an Annual plan, contact us here.

Public S3 Bucket Indication

Not every Amazon S3 bucket has been secured. It’s one of the most dangerous parts of using Amazon S3, as publicly exposed buckets have led to huge data leaks in the past. With the new S3 Public indication capability, Cloud Data Sense can notify you if your bucket is openly available through https access. This is an important function that can help you seal off potential data leaks before they take place.

Compliance Viewer Role Access

Cloud Data Sense now supports a role-based access privilege for security, privacy, and legal team members. Using the Compliance Viewer Role, compliance team persona can be granted access to the data they need to review, without exposing data that isn’t relevant to the compliance mission. This can make it easier for the compliance team to do their job as it narrows down their focus, and ensures that mission-critical parts of the data estate that aren’t data privacy concerns remain hands-off.

Coming Soon: Enhanced Contextual Model and Highlights

Along with new features, Cloud Data Sense is refining its existing capabilities. With its next release, the contextual model that the Cloud Data Sense AI uses will be significantly enhanced, allowing for more accurate results, so when you search for sensitive private data in your system you only get relevant results that you need.

Another feature coming soon is Highlights, which will allow you to save the exact policies that you need to use on an ongoing basis in your predefined settings. This will remove an unnecessary manual step of sorting your Cloud Data Sense reports after scans are run. With highlights enabled, you’ll see the data that’s most important to you without having to go search for it. Users will also be able to

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