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On-demand Webinar

Race Your Way to Cloud Analytics with Cloud Sync

Have you been looking for a way to use the public cloud for your data analytic needs, but have been frustrated with cost and time constraints?

Watch our webinar to find out how the NetApp® Cloud Sync service addresses this problem with ease and simplicity.

Cloud Sync provides seamless and secure data transfer between your on-premises data center and Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) while also reducing typical transfer times from hours to just minutes.

During the webinar, NetApp cloud experts discuss how to:

  • Quickly move data from your data center to S3 and activate popular AWS services such as EMR, Redshift, and RDS
  • Quickly gain deeper insights into your enterprise data by utilizing cloud services on your data in a matter of minutes and get the results back again quickly 
  • Leverage efficient data synchronization capabilities by moving only the changes from previous syncs and dramatically reducing the time and costs traditionally associated with keeping data in sync
  • Benefit from a purpose-designed secure service because your data is always kept within your own network and S3 security domain and is never accessible to a third party

To learn more about the Cloud Sync service, watch now!

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