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NetApp Predicts – Azure usage will skyrocket with unrivalled NFS/SMB support

  • ic-dateWednesday, July 24th
  • ic-hour1:00 PM EDT
  • LeeJiles
    Speaker: Lee Jiles

    Sr. Manager, Azure GTM and Sales Strategy, NetApp

  • Adam-Carroll
    Host: Adam Carroll

    Sr. Marketing Manager,

With the latest release of Azure NetApp Files, we have introduced a high-performance file service in Azure with both NFS and SMB support that is unmatched in the cloud. This means your workloads can now run as fast in the cloud as they do on-premises but with the simplicity of the cloud. Don’t miss what everyone is talking about. Build enterprise environments in the cloud in minutes and run any workload, anytime.

Your NFS and SMB Workloads will love the Newest Azure Service Panel Discussion with:

  • Lee Jiles
  • Jeff Whitaker
  • Adam Carroll

Microsoft recently announced general available for Azure NetApp Files. 

For customers that are moving or need to move to the cloud, this new Azure service is a game changer, eliminating the hundreds of hours of time needed to re-architect applications for the cloud and replacing it a simple service offering on-premises-like performance in only a few minutes.

Your Linux (NFS) and Windows (SMB) workloads can now access large amounts of I/O with sub-millisecond latency and extreme bandwidth for scale-up or scale-out environments.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Exactly how Azure NetApp Files has been engineered to drive guaranteed performance levels
  • The best use cases for Azure NetApp Files
  • Why Azure NetApp Files is a differentiator for Microsoft in cloud services
  • How to get started using Azure NetApp Files


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