Calculate your savings with Virtual Desktop Service

Choose your preferred cloud provider to host your virtual desktop infrastructure, and let us illustrate the savings that automation can bring you. Simply input your total number of VDI users and select the term of the analysis, and we will do the rest. Even better, enter your information to get a free, detailed report that applies a published, industry analyst methodology to your input so that you can see exactly where your savings might come from.

VDI at enterprise scale

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is now a tier 1 workload, deserving enterprise-class resources to manage it. NetApp VDS is a SaaS-delivered global control plane, integrated with the NetApp Cloud Volumes portfolio and cloud services products to deliver VDI at enterprise scale.

Simplified deployment

NetApp VDS uses automation and machine logic to simplify hybrid multicloud VDI deployments. VDS can deploy environments in hours versus days and weeks, so your workforce can be productive sooner.

Automated management

VDS automates day-to-day VDI management through selections made in its single pane of glass with dynamic, event-driven scripts. It allows IT resources to execute their processes, manage the entire application stack, and automate provisioning and policy updates -  quickly and easily.

Optimize cloud spend

NetApp VDS controls costs and reduces complexity. LiveScaling consolidates users onto the smallest number of virtual machines to meet performance requirements, saving on cloud spending. The scheduling engine schedules resource allocation to meet peak work requirements. Wake-on-Demand immediately delivers resources outside normal hours, closing them as soon as the session has ended.