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Galatz Radio
Success Story


Preserving History for Future Generations

In 1950, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) established Galatz Radio to communicate military messages and bolster morale with 3 to 4 hours of programming each day. In 1993, IDF expanded programming to 24 hours per day when it added Galgalatz Radio for music and current events. Today, more than 56% of the country listens to the two stations.

Galatz Radio deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure to provide cost-effective cloud backup and recovery for 130,000 hours of digitized radio archives going back to 1950.

In this Case Study, you will learn how NetApp's Cloud Volumes ONTAP is helping Galatz Radio:

  • Digitize 90,000 hours of radio programming to make it more accessible and secure.
  • Reduce and save costs to make programming available across the globe.