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Success Story


AdvancedMD Empowers Healthcare Practices

Managing a healthcare practice of any size in the US is complex and demanding—from securely managing highly-sensitive electronic medical and health records to billing and providing a range of online patient services. AdvancedMD focuses on enterprise-grade, cost-effective SaaS practice management solutions for small- to mid-sized medical practices.

Read in this blog, written by John Esser, Sr. Director IT/Operations, how AdvancedMD leverages Cloud Volumes ONTAP to manage its cloud data center through an intuitive, single-pane interface:

  • Easily lift and shift sensitive data into AWS to establish their own data center.
  • Significantly reduce footprint with built-in storage efficiencies.
  • Elastically scale with automation and orchestration capabilities.
  • Protect data from loss or unauthorized access.