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On-Demand Webinar

Project Astra and the Art of Kubernetes Data Lifecycle Management

  • nigel_poulton_image
    Nigel Poulton

    Author, “The Kubernetes Book”

  • gunna_marripudi_image
    Gunna Marripudi

    Director of Product Management for Project Astra at NetApp

  • diane_patton_image
    Diane Patton

    Technical Marketing Engineer - Cloud Services

Kubernetes and persistent data don’t always play nice, but with NetApp’s Project Astra they can.

Project Astra delivers App-Data Management as a Service for customers deploying data-rich applications on Kubernetes in the cloud.

Join this webcast to hear Nigel Poulton, author of “The Kubernetes Book,” share his thoughts about how Project Astra helps advance the Art of Kubernetes Data Lifecycle Management. You’ll also get an overview and technical demo of Project Astra.

Learn how Project Astra cloud service simplifies your operations with:

  • Automatic provisioning of application-aware storage and data services
  • Seamless application and data portability across Kubernetes clusters in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Consistent data management experience across a variety of workloads

The demo will be followed by a live panel discussion and Q&A hosted by Nigel, Diane and Gunna.

Learn more about Project Astra and register for our beta to get your own hands on experience.

Watch the Webinar