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NetApp Predicts: More Than 80% of Azure VMs Will be Linux

  • Jeff Whitaker
    Host: Jeff Whitaker

    Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing, NetApp

  • Will-stowe
    Speaker: Will Stowe

    Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

Protect your Linux workloads in the Azure Cloud using SMB and NFS file services without refactoring applications.

For the past several years, enterprises have been making the switch and running more and more enterprise workloads on Linux.

These file-based applications need highly scalable infrastructures with rich data-management capabilities to support high-performance, scale-out enterprise applications including migration, dev-ops, and analytics.

While more than 50% of Azure VMs are running Linux workloads, NetApp predicts that this number of Azure VMs will jump to more than 80% with the introduction of Azure NetApp Files.

Register for this webinar to discover how Azure NetApp Files is focused on Linux on Azure by empowering users to run file-based and cloud-native applications in cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Delivered as a native service, Azure NetApp Files can be provisioned and managed seamlessly within the Azure portal, like any other Azure service.



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