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On-Demand Webinar

Get Control Over Your Data in Azure: Complete Protection & Efficiency

  • Jeff Whitaker
    Speaker: Jeff Whitaker

    Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions MarketingNetApp

If your business is like most, your success depends on the performance, availability, and protection of data.

As more companies shift to web-based applications and e-commerce, they increasingly rely on databases running in the cloud to manage and serve their business data. These databases are often at the heart of online transaction processing (OLTP), and slow response times send customers looking elsewhere.

One particularly complex challenge is with SAP and SAP HANA, which require stringent APIs for their product in-memory database operation. SAP HANA has limited cloud storage solutions that can 1) meet those KPIs and 2) provide expanded value to ensure landscapes are operated efficiently while ensuring data is protected. 

To be successful, you need complete confidence in how your cloud storage operates and is managed. Hear tips about how organizations can save time and money while ensuring important data protection goals are maintained. 

In this webinar, we’ll cover: 

  • Tips for addressing data protection, compatibilityintegration, and efficiency 

  • How IT departments can create and store SAP HANA backups in minutes with no performance impact on the storage system 

  • Microsoft and NetApp’s new solution for simplifying data management in Azure 

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