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Seamlessly move all your enterprise workloads with this powerful Linux file service by Microsoft, Azure NetApp Files. From simple file shares to critical enterprise workloads, get the high performance needed for your Linux applications.

Explore the resources below to learn how you can migrate Linux workloads in minutes, reduce costs and development/testing projects, and provide increased agility for your business processes:

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Simple, Azure Native Service for Linux File Services

Simple, Azure Native Service for Linux File Services

Azure NetApp Files is Microsoft’s fully managed, high-performance, cloud-native file service. Available directly in the Azure portal, it is delivered and supported by Microsoft but built on NetApp technology. The service delivers both Linux NFS (v3 and v4.1), and Windows SMB protocol support, advanced data services, and integrates directly into the Azure service infrastructure, including AzureCLI. 

Watch this quick demo video to see how you can achieve simple, Azure-native Linux file services, including how to deploy a new volume in seconds. 

Guide to Solving Linux File Service Challenges

Azure Storage Solution: Hear What Customers Say

“We tested Azure NetApp Files during preview. It empowers us to migrate our on-premises workloads easily and seamlessly to Azure, removing the complexity of managing enterprise NFS storage systems on our own.”

- Christian Gruetzner, Storage Services Architect, All for One Steeb AG

Solve File Storage Challenges in the Azure

Performance so good, you’ll think you’re on premises

Performance So Good, You’ll Think You’re on Premises

Linux file services are extremely dependent on the performance of the storage service in use for any given workload. Many applications require a high-level SLA to maintain peak operability and performance levels.  

Azure NetApp Files brings extreme performance–up to 4.5 GBps per volume–with sub-millisecond latencies to address even your most critical business applications. 

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Migrate More Linux Workloads to Azure

Migrate More Linux Workloads to Azure

When using a cloud-based file share, it’s important to find a solution for migrating data to the cloud without having to rewrite the applications that depend on the data. If applications need to be rearchitected or refactored, the enterprise must commit significant amounts of time and money to design and test the “new” applications to ensure that the end user isn’t negatively affected.  

With Azure NetApp Files, organizations save hundreds or thousands of hours without re-architecting for the cloud. Migrate Linux, Oracle, SQL, and other enterprise workloads in minutes. Organizations can also migration SAP landscapes to Azure, as Azure NetApp Files is certified for HANA production scale-out requirements.

Learn How to Simplify Azure Migration

Get Data Security and Protection with Guaranteed Business Continuity

Get Data Security and Protection with Guaranteed Business Continuity

When it comes to running a Linux enterprise file service, any disruption in normal operation can negatively impact the business. Whether an outage is caused by a disaster or through an update process, it is essential to ensure the availability of the file share, with zero downtime and no data loss. 

Azure NetApp Files provides your business with peace of mind with: 

  • Built-in data management and NetApp SnapShot™ technology to protect and recover data without added capacity and cost
  • Built on dedicated, highly-available infrastructure in the Azure data center to meet stringent RPO and RTO requirements
  • Always-on at-rest data encryption

Click below to see how to restore and protect data easily in Linux, and how to quickly roll back file changes with SnapShot™ Copies. 

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Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Azure NetApp Files is a first-party Microsoft service, so you get best-in-class performance (throughput and latency) delivered fully integrated as a part of the Azure infrastructure. Plus,  you can choose the performance level that best fits your application requirements and  adjust capacity and performance on-the-fly without having to move data.

The fully managed, Azure-native service provides a new way of provisioning workloads, putting the power of the cloud into the hands of customers and their users, and allowing the migration of Linux applications and the development of new solutions in Azure. 

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