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Recover Your Data in the Cloud with AltaVault and Microsoft Azure

November 9, 2015

Topics: 2 minute read

How often do you think about the recoverability of your data? Well if you specialize in data protection, backup, or disaster recovery, there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time thinking it. I know I do! And if you are anything like me, then you will also know that the recoverability of data hinges entirely on your ability to do a successful restore, and do it quickly.

But imagine if you had the ability to restore data anywhere. Instead of using backups to restore data to its original location, what if you could restore data to a new location or even to the cloud. Wouldn’t that make restores even more valuable?

This is why I’m excited that customers now have the option of not only backing up data to the cloud with partners like Microsoft Azure, but also of restoring backups to the cloud using the new AltaVault cloud-based appliances on the Azure Marketplace. Available as a 4-terabyte (TB) logical cache appliance that can support up to 600TB of deduplicated data in the cloud, the AltaVault cloud-based appliances for Azure have two key use cases.


Recover On-Premises Workloads in the Cloud 

If you don’t have a secondary disaster recovery location, or if you're looking for extra protection with a low-cost tertiary site, AltaVault Cloud-based appliances for Azure are the key to enabling cloud disaster recovery. First, you use an on-premises AltaVault physical or virtual appliance to seamlessly and securely back up data to Azure. If you lose the primary site or primary appliance, you can quickly spin up an AltaVault cloud-based appliance in Azure and recover data locally in the cloud. All you need is your original config files (which include the encryption keys) from the primary appliance, a credit card and you backup software.

Efficiently Protect Cloud-Based Workloads

If you work at a large enterprise, you probably already have data that natively lives in the cloud for its whole lifecycle, whether it’s development, product, analytics or even SaaS data. For companies looking to protect data from systems already running in Azure, AltaVault cloud-based appliance for Azure can help. First, spin up a cloud-based AtlaVault appliance in Azure. Then, you can simply point your backup software running in Azure at the cloud-based AltaVault appliance. AltaVault deduplicates, encrypts and rapidly migrates data to low-cost Azure BLOB storage for long-term storage. Sometimes this is called cloud-to-cloud resiliency and has been an increasingly hot topic in recent years.

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