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Get Guaranteed SLAs for Your Windows File Shares Workloads on AWS Cloud

May 23, 2019

Topics: 1 minute read

Move your Windows applications to AWS with multiprotocol support, eliminating the need to refactor them. Deploy SMB based file shares and maintain control of your data with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS. This fully-managed, file storage service lets you efficiently run your Windows applications on the cloud.

Cloud Volumes Service offers three levels of performance (Standard, Premium, Extreme) to meet your Windows workload demands and allows you to change performance tiers on the fly—so you’re always running at optimal performance. That capability reduces overall file storage service costs, so that clients using Cloud Volumes Service have the unique ability to define when they want to increase or decrease performance to control costs while still delivering the best customer experience. This can be very useful when applications such as databases need fast performance for a few hours to process workloads, then scale down to a lower cost performance during evenings or weekends. Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is the only file service that provides guaranteed SLAs for performance, availability and durability.

Check out this info sheet for more detailed information on SLAs and Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

Explore the infographic to discover how to get the performance, availability and durability that your Windows apps require on AWS Cloud.