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Cloud Data Sense Now Supports Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Google Cloud

Big news: Now, Cloud Volumes ONTAP users on Google Cloud can take full advantage of the AI-driven data mapping and governance capabilities of NetApp Cloud Data Sense. Now getting Cloud Data Sense is easier than ever, streamlined with your existing deployment on Google Cloud.

Visit the Cloud Manager page on the Google Cloud Marketplace to try it out now.

In this article, we’ll take a few minutes to introduce you to Cloud Data Sense and let you know what support for Google Cloud means. Jump down using the links below to find out more about:

What’s New?

Cloud Data Sense is now available for use in Google Cloud for Cloud Volumes ONTAP users. This is a significant step in the evolution of both the Cloud Data Sense technology and the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Data Sense is an AI-driven data mapping and governance technology that allows users to scan their data volumes stored both on-premises and in the cloud to automatically map, identify and report on specific types of data. The results are easily accessible from the central Dashboard, where reports can be generated to help meet compliance requirements, document internal reports, and control access to the data.

While Cloud Volumes ONTAP users on AWS and Azure have been relying on Cloud Data Sense to help govern data in their deployments for a while now, the same wasn’t true for deployments on Google Cloud. With Data Sense now fully supported for our Google Cloud users, all Cloud Volumes ONTAP users now have access to automated data governance that can help identify high-priority data items, report on them, and easily govern how that data is used.

What Cloud Data Sense Brings to Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s robust cloud services have made it one of the three major public cloud service providers. But when it comes to data governance, Cloud Data Sense offers Google Cloud users some significant benefits that users won’t find in the platform natively.

With Cloud Data Sense now extending to Google Cloud, Cloud Volumes ONTAP users in all the three major hyperscalers can leverage the full scope of functionality including:

  • Discover – Cloud Data Sense uses AI-driven technology to locate sensitive data you keep stored on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Mapping – Full data maps are produced, showing you what types of data you own and where.
  • Classification – The Cloud Data Sense dashboard breaks down your data into six distinct categories to help you better decide how to use that and protect it.
  • Privacy – Make sure that the sensitive data you store can be located and protected to help stay in line with privacy regulations.
  • Clean Migration – For companies taking their first step into the cloud, Cloud Data Sense can help determine which data is safe to move to the cloud, and which should stay behind.
  • Bulk Deletion of stale and duplicate data – Pinpoint wasteful duplicate data so you can reduce your overall storage consumption.
  • Permission and File ownership management – Control who has access to which data from a single console.

How You Can Get Started Now

Part of what makes the new support for Google Cloud great is how easy it is to get started. All you have to do is head to the Google Marketplace and find the Cloud Manager listing.

Cloud Data Sense can be activated from there if you’re already using Cloud Manager to operate your Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Google Cloud. And if you’re just getting started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, everything you need to get started is on the same page.

Visit the Google Cloud Marketplace here to try out Cloud Data Sense in Google Cloud today.

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