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Get the Benefits of the Cloud - and Maintain Enterprise Storage Features

October 16, 2016

Topics: Cloud Volumes ONTAP 2 minute read

Rewriting applications to be totally cloud native isn’t simple. There is a learning curve that existing enterprises have had trouble facing. It also takes a great deal of time and skill to write—and debug—cloud applications. For organizations that are committed to being responsive to changing business requirements, rewriting an application from scratch would take tremendous additional investment without a clear upside. In many cases, the best result is that no one notices the change, while the downside is disruption and failure.

Stay Productive & Gain Benefits of the Cloud

What if the benefits of cloud could be achieved without disrupting the organization's workflow? Just as the virtualization of servers meant we could turn on new servers more quickly, so it is with a virtualized array built to offer enterprise storage features.

And, just like virtual servers, they run the same operating system as they do on physical devices, so they work the same way organizations are already used to.

Meet NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAPBy abstracting away from the physical hardware, we are able to concentrate on the cloud productivity, providing the logical functions of systems and the benefits they provide.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP creates a virtual NetApp storage array running on cloud infrastructure with all of the enterprise storage features found in the data center. While enhancing cloud productivity, Cloud Volumes ONTAP brings the benefits of an enterprise storage array to the cloud, making it easy to use the cloud in an enterprise manner.

All the good reasons for virtualizing physical servers apply to virtualizing storage arrays too.  An organization can now continue to use existing processes, treating the new Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems just like existing on-site storage and leveraging enterprise storage features.

They can receive data by using NetApp SnapMirror®, serve data to applications, and keep the data safe with at-rest encryption.

Rather than lose features, new capabilities are added, extending the existing maturity of the organization’s processes into the cloud era. Nothing is lost; there is only gain.

Want to get started? Try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial.