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Enabling Enterprise Customers to Thrive at the NetApp and Google Cloud Hands-On Lab

May 22, 2019

Topics: 2 minute read

In a world where technology is changing our everyday lives, data-driven digital transformation is accelerating business outcomes. How can you use digital transformation to remain viable while adjusting to your customers’ evolving needs? Whether you're operating applications in the cloud, utilizing big data in the cloud or building a new best-in-class SaaS, NetApp and Google Cloud can provide you with enterprise-class solutions that will help you succeed.

Lately, I’ve talked with many customers who are struggling with two digital transformation data related challenges: migrating enterprise applications to the cloud, and managing SaaS applications running in the cloud. These customers are surprised to learn that the solution for both of these challenges can be the same. That it is possible to provide enterprise-class data access and control, data protection, and security, while also delivering performance and scalability beyond the reach of common cloud data storage options. Data is at the heart of your digital transformation—the faster you can get to your data and the more smoothly you can lift and shift applications, the better you can respond to your customers.

NetApp and Google Cloud are bringing digital transformation to a city near you.  Join our experts in a Hands-On Lab and happy hour using NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. In this lab you will learn how to:

  • Lift and shift enterprise applications, including Windows apps, to Google Cloud
  • Create fully managed persistent storage mount points for GKE and GCE
  • Create rapid copies of your data for QA environment or data retention
  • Migrate data from on-premises to Google Cloud or create cross-regional replication with CloudSync

Lab Locations and Dates:

Sunnyvale                   June 25

Chicago                       June 27

Austin                          July 10

Boston                         July 31

New York                    August 7

Los Angeles                 August 21

To qualify to attend, complete the following survey:

Those that qualify will receive an invitation.

With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, we can help you move your applications to the cloud 10 times faster and run your applications up to 8 times faster.  After the Hands-On Lab, join us for happy hour and mingle with NetApp, Google Cloud,  and your peers.  Complete the survey now, learn and have fun latter.


Robert Cox, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp

Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp