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Deploy Your High Performance Compute Workloads on AWS Cloud

May 23, 2019

Topics: 1 minute read

Are you looking to deploy HPC workloads like big data analytics in the cloud, with serious scalability, performance, and agility? Cloud agility accelerates your time to market, but you still need to protect your budget.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a fully managed file service. We automate the management of your files services so you don’t have to. It offers scalability and performance so you can move your high performance workloads to AWS cloud. This service removes key obstacles such as dual protocol support and performance, that may be preventing you from moving your file services to the cloud. In fact, we guarantee that Cloud Volumes Service will meet your requirements for performance, availability and durability with SLAs.

Explore the infographic to learn how to deploy high performance workloads on AWS Cloud.

Kristina Brand, Cloud Data Services

Cloud Data Services