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Simplify Data Protection in Google Cloud with NetApp

NetApp can't protect you from a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. We can protect your data in Google Cloud.

NetApp has been a leader in protecting enterprise data for decades, and we offer a wide range of data protection features in the cloud. These features include fast, easy NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and highly available storage services. Today we’re introducing three new features to NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud that simplify data protection and increase availability in the cloud.

According to Forrester’s “Addressing Data Management Risks for the Public Cloud Era” report, 80% of organizations are extremely likely to adopt a cloud-first data protection solution. The problem is that data protection in the cloud has always been hard to size, manage, and maintain. In today’s 24/7 uptime environment, expanding datasets and shrinking backup windows mean that current cloud-based data protection solutions invariably don’t match recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). All of these problems can be very demanding on the infrastructure and stressful on your resources.

Protecting your critical enterprise data in the cloud is crucial to protecting your operations. So, choosing the right data protection strategy for your business is rarely an arbitrary decision. Cloud Volumes Service provides key advantages in speed, cost, and simplicity, but we also understand that each organization’s requirements differ depending on the workload and how critical the data is.

Here’s a look at what’s available to help you build your data protection strategy with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

Volume replication

NetApp SnapMirror® technologies are used for data protection for tens of thousands of our customers. We’re now pleased to offer volume replication powered by SnapMirror as a public beta for the CVS Performance service. This replication efficiently copies volume data from one Google Cloud region to another on the schedule of your choice. Use the secondary copy to serve data to your applications if regional failure or data inconsistency occurs. Or use the secondary copy for development or test purposes. It’s up to you.

The following features were built uniquely for our CVS Standard-SW service—flexible cloud storage that comes from the NetApp ONTAP® lineage but is deployed as a software-defined service in Google Cloud.

Zone-redundant volumes

Get higher availability for your critical applications with zone-redundant volumes. This option uses Google regional resources to recover your Cloud Volumes Service volume in another zone, so that your applications can quickly recover from a zone outage and continue serving your important business needs. It’s available as a public beta in this release.


Extend your protection beyond volume Snapshot copies with integrated backup for Cloud Volumes Service. Create a quick backup copy of your Cloud Volumes Service volume at any time, either by API or by a simple selection in Google Cloud Console. It’s efficiently streamed to highly durable Google Cloud storage and protected with encryption in flight and at rest. Restore your volume when needed, or use the backup to create a new copy of the volume for dev/test needs. This backup is designed to avoid impact to production performance and can be used with any CVS Standard-SW volume type, including zone-redundant volumes to further enhance your protection.

What this means for you

Protect your data in the cloud by using a modern, simple, and intuitive cloud-based storage service that can be easily set up and scaled to keep your data safe. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is an API-driven solution that’s fully integrated into the Google Cloud Console to simplify your user experience and automation.

When you shift data protection to the public cloud, it’s less expensive to maintain and infinitely scalable, and it doesn’t require any management overhead. Learn more about how NetApp Cloud Volumes can protect your business at a lower cost and with fewer resources. And if you’d like to try it out risk free, check out our 14-day trial where you’ll get up to $1,000 of volume consumption free.

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