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NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Earns #1 Cloud Storage Management Vendor on IT Central Station

We’re proud to announce that Cloud Volumes ONTAP® has earned Top Vendor status for Storage Management on IT Central Station, the industry peer review site. The status is based on product peer reviews, ratings and comparisons. Cloud Volumes ONTAP is an enterprise-grade storage management solution that delivers secure, proven storage management services for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud storage.

Achieving this milestone reveals how seriously storage managers are taking the challenge of the cloud today. The cloud presents some unusual hurdles for storage, but with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, there is now a solution for even the most storage demanding workloads. The IT Central Station platform gives users a venue to discuss their storage needs frankly. In our view, this benefits everyone. We get to hear positive feedback along with from-the-trenches realities.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is renowned for combining data control with enterprise-class storage features. IT Central Station members praise the solution in a variety of use cases, including file shares and block-level storage that serves Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area network (SAN) protocols like NFS, SMB / CIFS and iSCSI. Users also put Cloud Volumes ONTAP to work in Disaster Recovery (DR), Backup and Archive, DevOps, Databases (SQL, Oracle, NoSQL) and other enterprise workloads.

The reviews of Cloud Volumes ONTAP reveal scenarios where effective cloud storage is of paramount importance. For example:

  • A Lead Storage Engineer at an insurance company wrote, “We're sitting at multiple petabytes of storage on our NetApp infrastructure. We're talking hundreds of thousands of shares across thousands of volumes. Even with that size of infrastructure, it's being supported by three people. And it's not like we're working 24/7. It gives us the ability to do a lot, to do more with less. Those three people manage our entire NAS environment.”
  • An Architect, Storage Services explained that Cloud Volumes ONTAP has “helped us to dive into the cloud very fast. We didn't have to change any automations which we already had. We didn't have to change any processes we already had. We were able to adopt it very fast. It was a huge benefit for us to use the same concepts in the cloud as we do on-premise.”
  • A Sr. Manager at a large tech vendor was struggling with backup. He selected Cloud Volumes ONTAP because, “With NetApp it's much easier.” As he put it, “Performance is very good and there was no need to change our environments, our speeds, or our automation because we have NetApp’s on-prem as well. When you have 100,000 files on smaller volumes, or you have bigger volumes with millions of files, it's hard to work with EFS. With NetApp we didn't even feel it. It's all flowing really well.”

It’s encouraging to hear these kinds of client success stories on IT Central Station. The review process also highlights how we need to keep innovating in the future. The cloud is having a major impact on storage management. As the reviews of Cloud Volumes ONTAP show, an effective solution can help with the evolving challenges in this area of enterprise IT.

Click here to view the Cloud Volumes ONTAP reviews in IT Central Station.

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Yifat Perry, Technical Content Manager

Technical Content Manager