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NetApp Cloud Data Sense: A New Name for NetApp’s Data Governance Toolkit

Cloud Compliance Is Now Cloud Data Sense

Big changes are coming to NetApp’s data governance toolkit. We are proud to announce that NetApp Cloud Compliance will now be known as NetApp Cloud Data Sense

What’s the Reason for the Service Name Change?

Keeping on top of your data is probably one of the biggest challenges in today’s IT landscape. While complying with data privacy regulations is important and challenging, it isn’t the only aspect that data owners need to address.

IT storage systems are complex, especially in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Tracking down the data you need—no matter what you need it for—is a challenge that Cloud Data Sense can help sort out automatically.

That benefit is one big reason for the change. We also wanted to make it clear that these capabilities are available across both cloud and on-premises deployments. Cloud Data Sense works on any data that you have, whether your deployment is entirely in the data center or spans multiple environments. Cloud Data Sense maps your data so that you can take control.

You can access Cloud Data Sense through NetApp Cloud Manager the same way that you used to access Cloud Compliance. And you get all the same features, plus some new ones.

Below you can see an example of the centralized view of yearly savings opportunities:


With the automated classification of personally identifiable information, as shown here, you can pinpoint exactly which data might be a privacy concern and where it’s located:

Cloud Data Sense gives users a way to see the data, not just store it, with a full readout that categorizes data and labels it, with reports on data usage, how sensitive that data may be for privacy concerns, how accessible it is, the data retention policy for it, and how relevant that piece of data is for your business. It’s a single resource to optimize, monitor, and secure and research your data.

More Capabilities, Better Data Governance

Cloud Data Sense goes beyond mapping and categorizing data. It’s a single resource for you to pinpoint cost savings, compliance concerns, optimization opportunities, and more. You can:

  • Map your data across any storage repositories
  • Monitor for changes continuously
  • Identify sensitive personal data
  • Find where old, unnecessary data resides
  • Classify data based on its content
  • See duplicated data that can be reduced
  • Label data automatically
  • Categorize your business and non-business data


    Cloud Data Sense has a full collection of actionable capabilities to help optimize data governance in any deployment.

What Are Cloud Data Sense’s Use Cases?

Discovery and Classification

Getting control over your data starts with understanding what kind of data you own. With Cloud Data Sense, your data is automatically mapped and a full report is produced that can help you determine the kind of data you have, which data is critical, which needs added protection, and which can be deleted or archived.

Multicloud and Hybrid Ownership

With more companies operating across multiple environments, both on premises and across the cloud, gaining control over your deployment is harder than ever. To help you gain a level of operational control and stability, Cloud Data Sense can continuously monitor and report on your environments.

That all starts at the centralized dashboard, where you can easily see how your data is classified, where it resides throughout your deployment, and additional information such as savings opportunities, data sensitivity, and open permissions.

To help you get control over your data whether you’re using it on-prem, in the cloud, or in a combination of both, try NetApp Cloud Data Sense .

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Simplify Your Data Governance Today

Gain control over your data whether you’re using it on premises, in the cloud, or in a combination of both. Find out how NetApp Cloud Data Sense can help .

To get started now, contact the Cloud Data Sense team at

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