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Benefits of Native Cloud File Services for File Shares

Today, 80% of enterprise data is stored in files – and even so-called native cloud applications often use files to structure the information that is stored in the cloud. So whether you’re moving enterprise applications and workloads to the cloud, or you want to accelerate many cloud applications, a high-performance, fully managed file service in the cloud is critical.
NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files offer something brand new: a fully managed service, built on NetApp technology, running in the cloud. These services support SMB, NFSv3, and (coming soon) NFSv4 protocols, and they allow full data mobility between any endpoint for hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility. Experience NetApp’s data management capabilities and the cloud’s unlimited availability and scalability, without any of the administrative tasks and overhead.

This is part of a series of articles about Azure files

What exactly are the benefits of native cloud file services for file shares?

  • Fully managed Service. Data management is handled completely by NetApp, not the customer.
  • Popular clouds. Available on all the biggest clouds – Azure, AWS, GCP. Azure customers use Azure NetApp Files, AWS customers use NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, and GCP customers use NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for GCP.
  • Scalability and performance. Spin up 100TB of high-performance file storage in the cloud in just seconds, and dramatically accelerate many cloud workloads.
  • Multiple protocols. NetApp Cloud Volumes and Azure NetApp Files offer support for SMB, NFSv3, and (coming soon) NFSv4 file shares.
  • Experience unparalleled host client data compatibility, with shared file access across Windows and UNIX and Linux operating systems.
  • Cloud Volumes Service offers complete integration with file directory metadata and maintains domain credentials, access and authentication, and group memberships – including compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Cost savings. Never again sacrifice performance for cost savings. With Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files, expect high performance – without high costs.
  • Data protection. Prevent data corruption and loss with efficient, automatic data NetApp Snapshot™ copies and disaster recovery.
  • Cloud Sync technology imports data from on-premises and other storage repositories, making migration easy.
  • Business continuity. High availability ensures business continuity with no data loss (RPO=0) and short recovery times (RTO < 60 seconds).
  • Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files allow users to automate tasks, to meet the most demanding file share requirements with automation and orchestration capabilities. Even more automation and orchestration capabilities will be possible with the upcoming release of the RESTful API.

Cloud Volumes Service provides rich features that help you to better manage your data with consistently high performance. Register now to access cloud-native file services on the cloud platform of your choice: Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. Get started and find out how easy it is to manage, protect, and restore your file data.

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