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Azure NetApp Files launches first data center in Brazil

I am delighted to announce that Microsoft and NetApp have just launched a new region for Azure NetApp Files in Brazil – the very first Azure NetApp Files data center in Latin America.

Azure NetApp Files (ANF) is a first-party Microsoft Azure enterprise file storage PaaS built on powerful NetApp storage technology. It is a fully managed Linux and Windows file storage service that facilitates the migration of even your most challenging workloads to the Azure cloud. With Azure NetApp Files, you will get both extreme file performance and sub-millisecond latency. The combination means your critical business applications such as SAP, HPC, and databases (including Oracle) run as well as or better than on-premises.

Meet Brazil’s government regulations for data localization

For Brazil-based customers, the launch of the new Brazil ANF Region means your organization’s data is stored on Brazilian soil, meeting the requirements of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), Federal Law no. 13,709/2018, which went into force in September 2020. This has become more important than ever, with penalties for not meeting LGPD requirements scheduled to be enforced beginning in August 2021.

Simplicity and scalability

Azure NetApp Files is fast and simple to deploy, eliminating the storage-centric expertise required to deploy and manage custom-built file environments. Your existing team can deploy and manage all your storage without the need for unnecessary VMs and SSDs. As a Microsoft service, Azure NetApp Files is simple to access using the Azure portal, with no new fees or contracts to sign. Your team can easily scale up as your organization grows with scalable capacity pools. With the ability to change among our three performance tiers, they can quickly scale up to Ultra level for peak operations and scale back down to Premium or Standard level just as quickly to reduce costs during non-peak times.

Higher performance, lower opex

Azure NetApp Files delivers the performance critical to many industries including manufacturing. We have many customers that have optimized their manufacturing operations, reducing report run times from weeks to hours and reducing backup times from hours to minutes. One of our Oil & Gas customers, Repsol, told us we saved their entire cloud migration project. In their HPC environment, storage was running too slow in the cloud to ever work in a production environment. But, once they deployed Azure NetApp Files, they solved their speed issues, eliminating the latency between storage and compute. You can learn more in their video here. At this point, most of our customers tell us they are running faster in the cloud than on-premises, thanks to Azure NetApp Files. Even better: they are reporting significant reductions in their operating costs.

Reliability, availability, security

For many of our customers in manufacturing and other sectors, the need for reliability, availability, and stability is the reason that they have delayed their cloud migrations. And these are the very same reasons they are succeeding with Azure NetApp Files. With our 99.99% uptime guarantee, our customers can rest assured that their always-on operations are reliably available at all times.

Our customers in the financial services industry are mandated to focus on security, and many have been reluctant to move all their critical business applications and data to the cloud, fearing security issues. All Azure NetApp Files volumes are encrypted using the FIPS 140-2 standard, and all keys are managed by the Azure NetApp Files service. In addition, Azure NetApp Files supports Azure RBAC features.

Sustainable growth

Microsoft has committed to being carbon negative by 2030, meaning they will remove more carbon from the environment than they emit. They are also taking responsibility for their historical emissions. By 2050, they will have removed all the carbon they’ve ever produced since the company was formed in 1975.

Azure NetApp Files is expanding quickly to meet the growing demand for fully managed, high-performance cloud file storage around the world. We now have regions in LATAM, the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., UAE, and Asia-Pacific including Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, and Australia.

Let us help you accelerate your cloud-first mandate

Now is a great time to get the high-performance, low-latency, scalable, and secure cloud file storage service of Azure NetApp Files working for you.

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