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ANF Expands to Norway with Two New Data Centers

March 31, 2021

Topics: Azure NetApp Files Advanced3 minute read

Azure NetApp Files saves cloud migration projects. That’s exactly what our customers are telling us. So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Azure NetApp Files is launching, not just one, but two new regions in Norway.

With Norway East and West, you now have fully managed enterprise-grade file storage in the Azure cloud. You can run your most complex mission-critical workloads in the cloud. Easily, with no code changes. Run even your most challenging workloads with performance as good as or better than on-premises.

Azure NetApp Files = unbeatable performance

It’s all about performance. With Azure NetApp Files, you gain bare-metal performance with sub-millisecond latency and the ultra-high performance you simply must have. Burn through SAP, HPC, WVD, Oracle, and other compute-heavy workloads. In fact, it works for any POSIX-compliant workload that needs shared file storage.

We have Oil & Gas customers that have reduced their simulation runtimes from weeks to just hours. That’s the kind of performance – and savings – we’re talking about.

Flexibility + Availability + Cost Control

Azure NetApp Files delivers the availability and reliability you simply must have – thanks to our built-in 99.99% uptime guarantee. And, while you always need reliability, you may not require the same level of service at all times. Azure NetApp Files has on-demand scalability, with scalable capacity pools, plus three performance tiers to choose from: Standard, Premium, and Ultra. Change tiers on-the-fly as your needs change. Scaling up and down is fast and simple. So is controlling your costs.

With Azure NetApp Files, both Linux and Windows file users can simultaneously access the same volume – for the first time in Azure. This dual-protocol access feature has become increasingly important with so many employees working remotely. This means that your staff using Windows-based clients and software can analyze data generated by your Linux-based workloads – all in the same Azure NetApp Files volume, at the same time. Eliminate the need to copy workload-generated data to a separate volume, and save both storage costs and operational time.

Certification and compliance? We’ve got ‘em

Azure NetApp Files has met the stringent KPIs required to be the first public cloud file service certified for use with SAP HANA production databases. If your enterprise relies on SAP, this is great news.

Of course, Azure NetApp Files is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meets the requirements of the Norwegian government for data sovereignty. We know you have obligations, and we can help you meet them.

A Microsoft service – built on NetApp technology

This year marks the third anniversary of the “birth” of Azure NetApp Files. It has a noble pedigree, as the product of the more-than-25-year partnership between NetApp and Microsoft. And it is built on robust NetApp storage technology that has been trusted around the world for almost 30 years.

Azure NetApp Files is your ticket to accelerating your migration to the Azure cloud. As a native Microsoft service, it is set up in minutes and simple to manage. There are no new contracts or fees, and your service is billed directly against your annual Azure monetary commitment.

Stay tuned for more expansion in Europe and beyond

Azure NetApp Files is expanding quickly to meet the growing demand for fully managed, high-performance cloud file storage. Most recently we expanded our service in Germany, and we are continuing to grow with new regions in Europe and around the world. We currently have regions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., UAE, and Asia-Pacific including Japan, Singapore, India, and Australia.

Accelerate your digital transformation. We can help.

Now is a great time to join the many enterprise customers that are already enjoying the benefits of this high-performance, low-latency, scalable, and secure cloud file storage service.  

Contact Sales to register and get Azure NetApp Files working for you today.


Managing Director – EMEA, Azure Business Group, NetApp