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Azure NetApp Files Expands High-Performance, Cloud-Based Enterprise File Storage to India

We are pleased to announce that Azure NetApp Files, Microsoft’s fast-growing enterprise file storage service, is now available in South India and Central India, adding two new regions to our increasing list of regions served.

Azure NetApp Files enables organizations to migrate and run complex, performance-intensive and latency-sensitive applications faster in the cloud than they can on-premises. Customers use Azure NetApp Files to support mission-critical workloads including SAP, High Performance Computing (HPC), Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), and databases such as Oracle. Workloads can be migrated to Azure without refactoring and can scale quickly to support business needs while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Protecting Customer Data and Ensuring Compliance

If passed by India’s parliament, the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill will impose hefty new compliance requirements for data protection for most businesses in India. The PDP Bill sets out rules for how personal data should be processed and stored, including a stipulation that all “sensitive personal data” be stored in India, and that “critical personal data” not be transferred out of India. Azure NetApp Files includes built-in data protection and encryption capabilities backed by the industry-leading security and compliance portfolio of Azure. And with this announcement, companies can start keeping sensitive data within Indian borders now.

Faster in the Cloud than On-Premises

Organizations in industries like IT, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas often run data-intensive workloads across geographically dispersed locations. With the two new supported regions, companies can build a secure, redundant cloud infrastructure that enables applications to perform faster than they did on-premises. Azure NetApp Files provides <1ms latencies and 99.99% uptime—game changing performance for most companies. In addition, Azure NetApp Files is fast and easy to deploy, and is easily scalable, with three performance tiers to meet the evolving needs of business.

Watch for New Regions as Demand for Cloud File Services Reaches New Heights

For enterprise customers that need high performance with low latencies, Azure NetApp Files is fast becoming the go-to solution to meet their cloud-first mandate, while reducing both costs and time-to-market. As a Microsoft first-party service, Azure NetApp Files is one of the fastest growing services in the Azure portfolio delivered directly from the Azure Portal, not through Azure Marketplace, so there are no new contracts to sign.

Along with India, Azure NetApp Files is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and UAE.

You can expect us to continue to regularly add capabilities and regional growth to meet fast-growing demand for shared file services worldwide.

To get started right away, watch this short 45-second video, and register to be onboarded to the Microsoft whitelist for Azure NetApp Files today.

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