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ANF Expands in Canada and Japan to Meet Accelerating Demand

At this time of an unprecedented spike in demand as enterprises seek to accommodate mandatory needs to work remotely, we are pleased to announce the addition of new Azure NetApp Files data centers in both Canada and Japan. These new data centers provide the performance, scalability, and security that enterprise customers with operations in those regions need now more than ever.

The Canada East and Japan West data centers are the second Azure NetApp File regions in each country, providing valuable redundancy to ensure both robust service and backup capabilities on domestic soil. Azure NetApp Files is a fully-managed, native Azure enterprise file storage service that is deployed directly into your private Azure Virtual Network (VNet).

With the addition of a second data center within these countries, you can now have a primary and secondary region for protection against natural disaster or other regional disruption while still meeting government and business sovereignty objectives.  

5,000 Spare Bedrooms Just Became Your Office

We are seeing an avalanche of demand for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure NetApp Files to meet the needs of organizations that have to rapidly virtualize all the applications across their entire enterprise to support a remote workforce without sacrificing quality, security, or performance.

Meeting Data Sovereignty Requirements

We launched the new Canada East Region—just over a month after our initial Canada Central Region availability announcement—to provide increased capacity and security for enterprises across Canada. These enterprises can reap the benefits of Azure NetApp Files while also complying with Canadian data sovereignty requirements. For these enterprises, data must be held exclusively by a Canadian provider, transferred over a Canadian network, and housed in a Canadian data center.

Similarly, the Japan West Region is now in service, approximately a month after our launch of the Japan East Region, to support users of one of the fastest-growing services in the Microsoft Azure portfolio in Japan. Japan-based organizations, like those in Canada, are bound by their own data sovereignty laws—in Japan, these are the 2017 updates to the Act on the Personal Protection of Information (APPI).

Meeting these important security requirements is top-of-mind as we expand into new countries, with specific laws, and provide additional regions and capabilities in already-served countries.

Facilitate Your Move to the Cloud with Azure NetApp Files

Join the many enterprise customers that have been consuming petabytes of this high-performance, scalable and secure native Microsoft Azure file service built on robust NetApp technology. Why? With Azure NetApp Files, moving all your SMB and NFS files to the trusted Azure Cloud is fast and easy. No special training required. No complicated code changes. With multiple service levels to choose from—Standard, Premium, and Ultra—and the ability to change performance as your needs increase.

It’s easy to get started. Azure NetApp Files doesn’t require any new contracts and is billed against your annual Azure monetary commitment. In just minutes, you can be up and running, experiencing on-premises-like performance that enables you to quickly and easily deploy previously challenging enterprise file workloads in the Azure Cloud. Migrate your HPC workloads and your SAP landscapes quickly and easily, without giving up anything (except the headaches you get from your on-premises infrastructure, of course).

New capabilities, such as our recently announced 99.99% uptime guarantee, continue to make Azure NetApp Files the compelling choice for enterprise customers that need to move their mission-critical core business workloads to the cloud. We know your organization can’t afford downtime. Your operations depend on uptime and so does your reputation. And now Microsoft has certified our uptime guarantee from 99.9% to 99.99% -- a 10x increase. If you’re targeting 99.95% reliability, we’ve got you covered.                                  

Watch for New Regions as Demand for Cloud File Services Reaches New Heights

The two latest regions will now extend Azure NetApp Files to 15 regions around the world as demand accelerates for Azure NetApp Files. You now can deploy in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific, and Australia, with new regions and more countries already in the works.

Ready to register and get all the benefits of the cloud, working for you? Or, if you just have questions about Azure NetApp Files in your area or want to see a demo, get in touch to get answers!


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