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On-demand Webinar

Run Your Databases on AWS Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes

  • Presenter: Jeff Steiner

    NetApp Principal Architect for Enterprise Applications

  • Host: Tom Schmidt

    IDG Digital Content Director

Cloud infrastructures are becoming easier to deploy and are delivering more and more value to organizations every day. The benefits are especially compelling for data-intensive workloads such as databases. On-demand provisioning of compute resources allows a quicker response to changing business needs, while reducing license costs.  

Learn how you can:

  • Get superior availability, durability, and performance.
  • Combine on-demand compute abilities of cloud.
  • Easily scale out and simplify day-to-day management.

Watch the IDG webcast Run Databases on the Cloud featuring Principal Architect for Enterprise Applications, Jeff Steiner. With over 20 years’ experience in databases, Jeff takes you through three NetApp-based approaches to moving and running databases to the cloud, including technical and budget considerations.

Watch the Webinar