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Not long ago, it was considered impossible to run a query against 20 trillion data points in the cloud. Today, leading edge technologists are doing just that, and on a regular basis. Very specific high-performance workloads can face challenges when moving to the cloud. The high-speed I/O that is fundamental to these workloads and is available on-premises is often not found in cloud services.

This is where NetApp can help. NetApp Cloud Data Services delivers the storage performance that workloads need, when they need it. Cloud Volumes Service is up to 3x faster than other cloud storage options and delivers advanced data management capabilities not found in other cloud services. With Cloud Volumes Service firms can balance cost and performance requirements by increasing performance when needed, and lower performance levels when workloads are lighter. Imagine not being charged for high performance on weeknights or weekends when your workloads are not in use. The ability to change performance while clients are mounted and actively reading and writing is a unique feature of the service that can greatly reduce the total cost of storage.

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