Migrate your critical Oracle workloads to Azure

Deploy any Oracle database to Azure with minimal risk, reduced costs, and extremely high performance without changing your applications

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Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 60%

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    70% of organizations face challenges moving their enterprise applications into the cloud1


“When we moved to the cloud, it was the storage that was killing our performance. We had to over-provision our compute because of storage layer limitations. This meant paying for more high-cost VMs than we really needed, defeating the cost savings of moving to the cloud in the first place.”


Azure NetApp Files’ high throughput and low latency meet the performance standards you’ve come to expect from on-premises data centers. No need to over-provision VMs to make up for cloud storage limitations.

With on-demand volume shaping, you get the database performance you need, when you need it. A truly elastic environment.

Three service tiers let you optimize your cloud budget. Match performance and latency to your application needs. Exactly.

Increase uptime – reduce risk

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    65% of enterprise workloads remain locked on-premises2


“We want the agility and financial benefits of moving to the cloud, but the effort required to create the same capabilities, protection, and SLAs we have built into our own data centers is too cumbersome and costly. We need to have a cloud infrastructure that guarantees uptime for our mission-critical, high-performance Oracle workloads.”


Azure NetApp Files offers 99.99% guaranteed availability – the highest of any public cloud storage service. Use Azure NetApp Files out of the box and exceed your 99.95% application uptime goals. No need to build additional availability environments, invest in cloud infrastructure upgrades, or make replicas and secondary operational environments to meet your uptime and availability requirements.

Solve your data compliance burden

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    30% of organizations report annual data loss due to poor or inefficient backups3


“Our backups are taking longer than the window of time we have. A single database backup can easily take 20+ hours to complete, meaning we are impacting business operations and slowing performance.”


Azure NetApp Files’ SnapshotTM copies are a game changer in the cloud. Highly efficient and FAST, they dramatically reduce backup times. In many cases, what used to take tens of hours can now be completed in just minutes. You also get extremely fast backup restores, so your critical Oracle workloads can be business-ready rapidly.

Case Study


The business challenge:

A global manufacturing enterprise had manually moved all their databases to Azure to increase their operational agility. But with 3-7ms latency on SSDs, their Oracle workloads could not perform. During peak hours they had to over-provision their VMs to surmount the limitations of storage and meet their business needs. This added a significant, unnecessary, and unplanned-for cost to their budget.

What they needed:

An agile, flexible, and scalable environment in the Azure cloud delivering high performance with low latency that could right-size their storage to support any enterprise Oracle workload in Azure.

What they achieved:

By moving their data to Azure NetApp Files, they more than tripled their performance and reduced latency to <1ms from their previous Azure deployment of 3-7ms.

Eliminated disk throughput bottleneck
  • Now at the network level, with less than 1ms latency
  • No longer need to over-provision VMs for performance
Reduced backup times by 60X
  • Reduced backups from 15 hours to 15 minutes with Azure NetApp Files SnapshotTM copies
Reduced application refresh time
  • What took days now takes only hours with Azure NetApp Files

With Azure NetApp Files, this customer can now migrate their production databases to Azure.

“Azure NetApp Files uses online capacity pools, volume resizing capabilities, and auto-expansion to access the highest levels of shared storage. We are able to auto-scale our storage capacity and performance on demand, overcoming our legacy architecture of attached managed disks.”

Director of Infrastructure, Fortune 1000 company

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