Free guide: How to migrate enterprise workload data easily

Because when you’re dealing with complex environments, you don’t want to make rookie mistakes 



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What you’ll learn and why it matters

This is the reason you raise your hand. You can take your company on a complex journey and make it look easy. Today’s task? Securely migrate operations to the cloud without sacrificing performance and availability. No problem.

The reality is that moving enterprise workloads to the cloud significantly lowers overhead costs, improves data security, and increases overall productivity. To do this at scale—especially when file-based applications are involved—is the secret sauce. 

And where can these secrets be revealed? Start with Linux, Oracle or SQL Server databases, SAP workloads, HPC workloads, or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenarios. This new guide is here to help you easily tackle these projects and migrate enterprise workload data to Azure. 


  • Performance

    Sub-millisecond latency is the norm for your most demanding workloads with Azure NetApp Files. You can even run faster than on-premises without breaking a sweat. Move any application to Azure, then relax. You’ve got this. 

  • Cost

    Keep your cloud costs under control and never blow your budget. Discover how some companies are cutting cloud spending with our three-tiered pricing options. Enjoy the savings. You’ve earned it. 

  • Risk

    No more downtime. With Azure NetApp Files your workloads are safely protected in Azure. Four nines guaranteed: 99.99% uptime. Scalable in an instant. Business-agile ready. Meet every demand on demand. You’re in control.