Cloud Volumes

Managed, high performance file systems, delivering industry leading TCO with guaranteed service levels provided by NetApp. Cloud Volumes complement the public clouds with new protocols, advanced cloud data services and integration directly with both platform and compute services.

Cloud Volumes take you from 0TB to 100TB in less than 10 seconds, leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP technology and NetApp’s data expertise. Customers can run highly-available workloads with Improved security and data protection in the public clouds of their choice.

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Cloud Data Services
Accelerating your Cloud Workloads

Cloud Volumes are orchestrated and managed by NetApp through the leading cloud providers, delivering a simple and easy to use, highly available and multiprotocol cloud service. Cloud Volumes provide multiple service levels and tailor to a variety of workloads and performance level requirements.

Used by both legacy and new cloud applications, Cloud Volumes serve data application needs as well as enable key cloud applications such as NO-SQL and SQL databases.


Key Benefits

  • Accelerate application speed with data delivered at Extreme performance
  • Guaranteed SLA’s provided by NetApp
  • Consumption or subscription based pricing
  • Enable superior RPO and RTO with integrated Snapshot based replication to support backup
  • Assure data is secured with encryption
  • Attain business agility and accelerate time to market
  • Drive down costs with features such as multiple file protocols support, storage snapshots and efficient cloning
  • Speedy access to development environments, collaboration, transparency across teams and simplified data mobility


Data consistency: Multi protocol support for NFS v3, v4.x, CIFS and SMB support and iSCSI (Cloud Volumes ONTAP)

API support: Simplify provisioning, automation and scalability with REST APIs

Data Protection: Efficient storage snapshot and integrated replication to support backup and disaster recovery to enable seamless failover, failback, restore, and recovery processes that meet minute-level SLAs

Data Migration: Synchronize your Cloud Volumes ONTAP data to the cloud or easily migrate your data to and from any CIFS and NFS origin to the cloud of your choice

Data Cloning: Create writable volumes from snapshots, with zero capacity penalties, in zero time. This will help you streamline and automate virtual dev/test processes and fast environment provisioning

High Availability: Enabling business continuity with no data loss, quick failover, short recovery times and non-disruptive upgrade (NDU) processes

Guaranteed SLA’s: Performance levels range from Standard to Premium to Extreme

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Service Models & Pricing

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Standard Package

Fully managed cloud data service delivered by Netapp.

Supports Standard Performance which provides 1000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and 16MB of throughput per TB.

Starting from

$ 0.10 / GB


Premium Package

Fully managed cloud data service delivered by Netapp.

Supports Premium Performance which provides 4000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and 64MB of throughput per TB.

Starting from

$ 0.20 / GB


Extreme Package

Fully managed cloud data service delivered by Netapp.

Supports Extreme Performance which provides 8000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and 128MB of throughput per TB.

Starting from

$ 0.30 / GB

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Standard Performance

Software solution, provisioned and run by you, in the cloud of your choice

Supports Standard Performance based on a 35TB configuration.

Starting from

$ 0.07 / GB

Cloud Volumes are available in two Service Models

Cloud Volumes Service

  • Fully orchestrated and run by NetApp, providing the simplest to use cloud storage services available today
  • Supports Standard to Premium Performance

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • Software solution, provisioned and run by you, in the cloud of your choice
  • Supports Standard Performance

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