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BlueXP observability brings complete full stack visibility into your infrastructure and applications. Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize all your resources across your hybrid multicloud.

Hybrid multicloud monitoring

Full-stack observability of infrastructure and workloads

  • Data collectors for heterogeneous infrastructure and workloads are available including Kubernetes
  • Open Telegraf collector and open APIs for easy integration
  • Manage resource utilization more effectively enabling Kubernetes-as-a-service
  • Full-stack relationship mapping and usage attribution
  • Easily correlate storage utilization to workload
  • Comprehensive alerting and notifications
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Machine learning for intelligent insights

Using AI/ML and advanced metric correlation to discover the impact of issues across your infrastructure to troubleshoot and quickly resolve complex problems.

  • Identify or forecast an issue with drill down troubleshooting aid
  • Find component shared resource interactions that may disrupt multiple workloads
  • Identify individual greedy or degraded resources causing resource contention
  • Proactively provide recommended solutions to monitored issues
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Optimize resource utilization

Provide effective resource management and utilization

  • Proactively reduce waste and maximize utilization as part of daily workflows
  • Prevent performance bottlenecks
  • Protect cloud budget by showing idle or underutilized infrastructure
  • Business intelligent reporting enable usage chargeback
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Powerful visualization

Built-in or customizable dashboards with advanced filters to minimize display noise to answer questions

  • Can I reclaim AWS or Azure Waste?
  • Do I have ONTAP latency issues?
  • Are there opportunities to right-size my VMware?
  • Are there any problems with my Kubernetes pods?
  • Are my workloads meeting performance thresholds?
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Discover the health of your ONTAP storage operations 

Observing ONTAP storage

  • Complete ONTAP storage inventory
  • Detailed ONTAP storage infrastructure overview dashboard
  • Days-to-full for storage capacity predictions and warning 
  • Monitors for health, performance, network traffic, and capacity risks 
  • Comprehensive alerts for infrastructure assets, storage VMs, nodes, clusters, storage etc. 
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Secure your data 

Detect ransomware or data destruction attack

  • AI/ML establishes normal user behavior as an attack indicator 
  • User behavior is then correlated with storage alerts to reduce false positives
  • Provide alerts on detection of an attack or mass deletion event 
  • Automated data snapshots and user access restriction significantly diminishes potential damage to your data
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Recover quickly if data is lost 

Protect your most valuable business asset – data - from ransomware or data destruction attack:

  • Snapshots will provide a point in time view of your data
  • File forensics ensures that all file actions are logged for easing investigation 
  • Corporate compliance of data access and usage patterns provide further assurance in data recovery
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Monitoring Kubernetes clusters, applications, and infrastructure

This eBook highlights some essential guidelines that will help you succeed with Kubernetes. It also explores how NetApp® Cloud Insights enables nonexperts to effectively monitor Kubernetes, the underlying infrastructure, and the applications and services that run on Kubernetes.

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