Meet NetApp Astra at Cloud Field Day

Application-aware data management for Kubernetes that manages, protects, and moves business-critical Kubernetes applications with ease

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  • Organizations are accelerating their deployment of stateful, even business-critical applications in Kubernetes. Although connecting persistent storage for Kubernetes has been largely solved, these applications need availability, disaster protection, and mobility just like traditional applications. But as we all know, data and application management in Kubernetes remains complicated.

    Fortunately, we have a solution. Our own Sayan Saha recently introduced NetApp® Astra™ at Cloud Field Day 10.

    With NetApp Astra, you can say goodbye to the complexity of data management, manual storage provisioning, and backups and disaster data recovery. It’s the world’s first fully managed service for storage provisioning and application-aware data management for Kubernetes workloads. Astra works across multihybrid clouds to easily manage, protect, and move business-critical Kubernetes applications. You bring the application, the cloud or clouds, and the Kubernetes distribution, and let Astra do the rest.

    In this presentation, NetApp’s Garrett Mueller demonstrates how an application cluster on Google Cloud Platform can be dynamically managed in Astra, including storage clones and a protection policy that leverages snapshots of data and resources.

  • Sayan-Saha-1

    Sayan Saha

    Senior Director of Product Management for Astra and Trident, NetApp

    Sayan has more than 12 years of open-source software product management experience spanning Linux-based platform software, containers, Kubernetes, high-availability and clustering software, virtualization, hyper-converged systems, carrier-grade telecom platforms, and software-defined storage and data. Before NetApp, Sayan held leadership roles in product management and engineering at Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and Motorola.

  • Garrett-Mueller

    Garrett Mueller

    Director of Engineering for Astra and Trident, NetApp

    Garrett is a software architect and engineering leader with more than 20 years of experience in storage and data management. He founded NetApp's container team, the Trident project, and now Astra. He leads NetApp's cloud-native data management software and strategy.