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Why NetApp® Cloud Insights?

Everyone needs to be smarter than the bad guys. That’s why we’ve combined user behavior analytics, world-class privacy know-how, and black-box awesomeness to help you detect threats.

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Estimated increase of ransomware-related incidents
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The total cost to businesses in 2019 due to malicious activity

Watch a superhero fight off a bad guy.

  • Detect risks and threats before they happen.
  • Gain visibility into the sources of attacks.
  • Have access to timely and actionable information.
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Simple turnkey solution

With only simple connectors for your storage and Active Directory to configure, your data is protected from the word “go.”


Easily audit actions and activities on your critical data to assess compliance with corporate security policies and exposure to risk.

Machine Learning

Cloud Insights automatically learns user behavior patterns and alerts you when anomalies occur. There are no thresholds to configure, and no complex patterns to define.

Attack Classification

The software automatically detects and classifies threat patterns. This lets you protect and recover data with response policies defined by you.

What is Cloud Insights and Cloud Secure?

Cloud Insights is a SaaS infrastructure and service monitoring solution that works for on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Cloud Secure, a feature of NetApp Cloud Insights, analyzes data access patterns to identify risks from ransomware attacks.

Cloud Secure helps you to:

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    Detect and stop ransomware before it’s too late
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    Protect intellectual property from theft by malicious users
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    Ensure corporate compliance by auditing access patterns to critical data

Editions pricing

There are two types of ways Cloud Insights can collect data in your environment, depending whether the source of the data is infrastructure or a service.
Infrastructure assets include hardware resources in your own data center and cloud providers. To collect from these assets an acquisition unit is required. This is a lightweight VM that you control, and is used to securely transmit data to Cloud Insights.
Service assets are applications and servers in the environment. Metrics can be directly collected from these assets without an acquisition unit.

What do I need to get started?

Key features
Free - with no additional charge
for NetApp Customers
Per MU, Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Per MU, Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Data Retention 7 Days 3 Months 13 Months*
Compute & Storage Metrics NetApp Only Multi-Vendor Multi-Vendor
Active IQ Integration
Custom, Real-time Dashboards
REST API for Integrations+
Cloud & Application Metrics
Full-stack Topology
Proactive Alerting
Kubernetes Topology
Custom Metrics
Data Warehouse & Custom Reporting*
Cloud Secure User Data Access Auditing
Cloud Secure Ransomware Detection and Protection

* Available for environments of 500 managed units and larger
+API access varies by edition

Pricing is based on the number of Managed Units (MUs) you wish to monitor.
An MU is defined as: Compute: 1 Managed Unit = 2 hosts (virtual or physical)
Storage: 1 Managed Unit = 4 TiB of unformatted external capacity in a physical or virtual storage OR
= 40 TiB of NetApp StorageGRID,Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform and IBM Cleversafe unformatted capacity
(doesn’t account for the compute local storage)

Some examples:

  • if you have 100 hosts and 100 TiB of storage, you would purchase (100/2) + (100/4) = 75 MUs.
  • If you have 200TiB of NetApp StorageGRID and 200TiB of other storage, you would purchase (200/40) + (200/4) = 55 MUs.
What is a Managed Unit (MU)?