Cloud Insights Provides a Simple Topology View of Kubernetes Clusters, Allowing Even Non-Experts to Identify Issues & Dependencies from the Container down to the Storage

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    Cluster Views

    Seamlessly navigate and 
    filter cluster views

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    Full Stack Visualization

    Full stack relationship 
    mapping and usage attribution

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    Persistent Storage

    Easily correlate storage 
    utilization to workloads

What is Cloud Insights?

Cloud Insights is a SaaS product designed to make it easier to monitor your complex hybrid environment with dashboards that answer key questions. Cloud Insights provides a unique Kubernetes Topology Visualization – providing a clear view into the Kubernetes environment.

How Cloud Insights Helps You Optimize Your Kubernetes Infrastructure

As usage grows, it becomes harder to correlate application load with infrastructure utilization, especially for persistent storage.

Cloud Insights allows you to:

  • Manage Kubernetes resource utilization more effectively
  • Seamlessly navigate and filter cluster views
  • Clearly see full stack relationship mapping and usage attribution
  • Easily correlate storage utilization to workloads

Top 5 reasons to use Cloud Insights for Kubernetes Monitoring

How Does It Work?

Through simple dynamic dashboards, you can see critical Kubernetes KPIs, such as scaling metrics and restart counts, and easily highlight pods and containers that are experiencing instability or resource constraints. You can identify issues at the cluster level, and simply zoom down to find containers in trouble.

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Editions & Pricing

Key Features
Free- with no additional charge for
NetApp Customers
Per MU , Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Per MU , Per Month
For 1 Year Subscription
Billed Annually
Data Retention 7 Days 3 Months 13 Months*
Compute & Storage Metrics NetApp Only Multi-Vendor Multi-Vendor
Active IQ Integration
Custom, Real-time Dashboards
Cloud & Application Metrics
Full-stack Topology
Proactive Alerting
Kubernetes Topology
Custom Metrics
Data Warehouse & Custom Reporting*
Cloud Secure User Data Access Auditing
Cloud Secure Ransomware Detection and Protection
REST API for Integrations

*Available for environments of 500 managed units and larger

Pricing is based on the number of Managed Units (MUs) you wish to monitor.
An MU is defined as: Compute: 1 Managed Unit = 2 hosts (virtual or physical)
Storage: 1 Managed Unit = 4 TiB of unformatted external capacity in a physical or virtual storage OR
= 40 TiB of NetApp StorageGRID, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform and IBM Cleversafe unformatted capacity
(doesn’t account for the compute local storage)

Some examples:

  • if you have 100 hosts and 100 TiB of storage, you would purchase (100/2) + (100/4) = 75 MUs.
  • If you have 200TiB of NetApp StorageGRID and 200TiB of other storage, you would purchase (200/40) + (200/4) = 55 MUs.