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Interview with Phil Brotherton on NetApp's Data Fabric Economics

July 5, 2016

Topics: Cloud Volumes ONTAP 1 minute read


ActualTech Media's Scott Lowe talks with Phil Brotherton of NetApp about the economic impact of leveraging the NetApp Data Fabric.

Phil:When I look at the economics, there are a lot of incentives to use the cloud for fast innovation. There’s a lot of risk that you’ll overspend, but there’s risk in capital purchasing too—you’ll buy more storage than you need.Scott: As a customer who is looking at the NetApp Data Fabric Group, what does that mean to me financially?

So when you look at this, it’s all about cost, it’s an optimization of both people resources and equipment resources, and I think the cloud offers this huge new opportunity to balance some of this out.

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Watch the full video below to hear more about the economics b

ehind NetApp's Data Fabric.