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Interview with NetApp's Lee Caswell on Cloud Evolution

 Scott Lowe interviews Lee Caswell, VP of the Product Solution Marketing at NetApp to discuss the future of the Hybrid Cloud model.

Lee: The way we see it is there’s a whole world of on premises equipment. For customers who thought, “I’m only going to be there,” well that’s probably not true. And then there was a kind of a wave where, the first wave said, “Well, maybe everything goes to the public cloud.” And we don’t think that’s true either.Scott: So when we talk about cloud, we hear that word all the time. People are trying to figure it out, looking for ways to do workloads differently, handle their IT businesses differently. Can you tell us about the breakdown between public and private cloud—why people are starting to look at public cloud vs. private cloud and what the differences are?

What we’re finding is that the hybrid cloud, is the idea that. I can have data that canmove back and forth, I want to tap into the massive investment that’s happening in public cloud for example.

One element is, "How do I create bridges back and forth?" Integrate—we call this the "data fabric", seamless data mobility management across on premises and into the public cloud.

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