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AltaVault One Year Later: Transforming Data Protection in the Cloud

October 27, 2015

Topics: 2 minute read

NetApp Equipment 

This time last year NetApp announced the acquisition of the SteelStore product line from Riverbed. One whirlwind year later, the product line has expanded, more clouds are supported, the ingest rates are two times faster and the appliances are four times more scalable. Not to mention a new name: AltaVault.


But it’s not just about speeds and feeds. What I’m most proud of this year are the customers that we’ve seen save money, reduce time spent on backups and reduce risk in their data protection environment. From global organizations like Konica Minolta to medium-sized businesses like Blach Construction, to government entities like King County, Wash., or even cloud-native companies like Netflix—NetApp® AltaVault® cloud-integrated storage is protecting hundreds of petabytes of critical customer data in the cloud.


The story is only going to get better for customers. A few weeks ago at Insight Las Vegas, NetApp co-founder Dave Hitz announced that the NetApp SnapMirror® data replication solution is coming to the entire product line, including AltaVault. He also demoed recovery in the cloud with cloud-based AltaVault and Cloud Volumes ONTAP™, NetApp’s instance of Data ONTAP that runs in the public cloud  We unveiled the next version of AltaVault as well, which includes improved security, new cloud targets and a new form factor.


Improved Security 

Keeping data secure when it’s transferred and stored in the public or private cloud is extremely critical. AltaVault already has end-to-end encryption to keep that data safe. However, we also are announcing integration with KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) key management, which gives you the ability to manage both cloud credentials and encryption keys. AltaVault also supports Amazon Web Services Secure Token Service, an identity and access management service that many of our highly secure federal government customers require.




New Cloud Targets

Allowing customers to choose their cloud target, whether it’s public or private, is essential. To that end, we are committed to bringing new cloud targets into the AltaVault ecosystem. Case in point—AltaVault now supports 23 cloud services, with new additions Google NearlineAWS S3 Standard-Infrequent Access, and IIJ.


New Form Factor

Last but not least, we are releasing a NetApp Validated Architecture for AltaVault on FlexPod®, NetApp and Cisco’s solution for converged server, storage and network infrastructure. This provides an extremely simple option for organizations that are looking for an efficient and secure way to protect their FlexPod deployments in the cloud.


All in all, it’s been a  fantastic year for customers and partners who are looking to store backup and archive data in the cloud. We’re excited to bring these AltaVault innovations to market and support our customers and partners on their Data Fabric journey.

You can try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial on AWS or Azure