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Welcome and Introduction

January 6, 2015

Topics: 1 minute read

Hello from the Cloud Solutions Group at NetApp. Blogs you'll see here are authored by our cloud architecture and devops team focused on integrating products and technologies demonstrating combinations to deliver innovative solutions and services for customers.

Our inspiration for building came from the desire to deliver a "Test as a Service" experience for everyone to do initial cloud concept tests in minutes. We launched the site in May of 2014, and have added several features while making new investments to deliver integrations across the NetApp portfolio. Enable customers to test with their cloud account from AWS, Azure, or SoftLayer is our focus.

Since the launch, we have had many customers and partners perform very interesting tests. Some of the most interesting have leveraged the performance and functionality of NetApp data management with virtual machines from multiple clouds simultaneously. Multicloud architecture with shared data management is very exciting because it shows the power of leveraging the best from clouds and enterprise data management from NetApp.

We will have much more to come in posts discussing the integration details and key learnings as we advance to more interesting tests and use cases connecting customers with cloud services.


Lee Gates
Director of Cloud Solutions
NetApp Cloud Solutions Group