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Meet the Engineers - Kevin Hill

January 7, 2015

Topics: Cloud Volumes ONTAP 2 minute read


Kevin Hill Cloud Solutions Architect
For over 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work at NetApp in several different organizations… most recently joining the NetApp Cloud Solutions Group (CSG) in November 2013. Regardless of organization or position, I’ve always focused on simplification, standardization and automation. Some of that 'simplification' centered around education and awareness of what our products and solutions and do, and some of it involved rolling up my sleeves and crafting the automation needed in order to make things simple. Simple is not always easy, but I am hoping you’ll agree with me that it is almost always invaluable.

Having the opportunity to join the CSG team, I was very excited about bringing that same approach to our public cloud integration. Diving into both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in early 2014 it became quickly apparent that we had a LOT of work to do… and that we would have to come up with new methods and solutions for not only simplifying Public Cloud solutions… but also how to make them easier to know about and access… and that is how was born.

Along with the new website, it was obvious (to me at least) that we needed a better delivery method for information about our Cloud Solutions. A better way being series of short videos rather than multiple 50+ page documents (though there is still a place for those at times). Since it’s sometimes hard to visualize things, it’s always been my opinion that it is better to show people what you’re talking about. To that end I’ve been creating lots of NetApp Cloud videos. Some on ‘How-To’ do things, and some around ‘What’ solutions are available or ‘Why’ they are relevant.

When I’m not evangelizing our cloud solutions, you’ll likely find me out running.... either to stay fit, or more likely just trying to keep up with my three daughters and their social schedules. My wife, girls and I live just outside of Raleigh, NC.

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