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Meet the Engineers - Jeremy 'The Pirate' Goodrum

January 7, 2015

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Cloud Solutions Architect Cloud Solutions Architect

Over fourteen months ago, I joined the NetApp Cloud Solutions Group as an Automation specialist. I was tasked with building the new proof of concept lab and the software to maintain it. Cloud Automation wasn't new to me. Before joining the team, I had been with NetApp for over seven years. In that time, I had been working with VMware Automation for several years and initially did the development of NetApp's integration with VMware Orchestrator and vRealize (vCloud Automation Center for you old timers).

Quickly, I found that both Amazon and Azure had a lot to offer a script writer like me. I jumped at the chance to learn new ways to build solutions. What really intrigued me was the idea that servers are ephemeral. Coming from a traditional enterprise data center model, this concept made very little sense.

My goals as I write this blog is to tackle automation in HyperScale Clouds, building scale out applications, and designing resilient Cloud Solutions. I will also share with you how we developed a complete global lab environment across multiple clouds. As a NetApp Architect, I will share how we take some of the more difficult challenges in the enterprise data center and make it easier to transition into and out of the cloud.

Apart from my passion for programming, I am a father of two boys (17 & 1). I enjoy teaching my oldest how to build web applications and playing blocks and trucks with the little one. I recently moved to the Dallas, TX area after nine years in Raleigh, NC. A fun fact about my handle ("The Pirate") is a play on the fact that when I was younger I lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas for seven years.