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Meet the Engineers - Gerald Coon

January 13, 2015

Topics: 2 minute read


Hybrid Cloud Architect Hybrid Cloud Architect

I grew up with modern technology a generation before it was common for kids to grow up with a computer in the house. Computers were a fun hobby growing up that my dad and I enjoyed together. In college, my professors, who were supposed to be teaching me things, would pay to have me explain this “Internet” thing. This sparked an intense passion for bridging the gap between people and technology. I learned how to write code and build hardware, but I found a niche in talking to people about what they wanted to do with the technology and making that happen.

My professional career started in Internet technical support then moved to systems administration and consulting. While in New York City with another ISP, a former coworker offered me an opportunity to work at NetApp. I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a difference on a global scale and NetApp already had a great reputation as being a wonderful place to work.

My experience at NetApp has given me both a deep and wide knowledge of modern technology. I’ve been in a role to help all the major companies that employ NetApp solutions resolve issues at the highest customer-facing level. I’m a 7 mode and Clustered Data ONTAP expert and I have a broad range of experience with the management software such as OnCommand Unified Manager and SnapDrive. I’m an ONTAP API (AKA zapi) expert. I’ve had a large role in NetApp cloud solutions becoming a technical expert in what would become Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud) long before it was released in NetApp’s first hyper-scale cloud provider partner.

For fun I play with micro controllers like arduino, bike recreationally, and fly general aviation aircraft. I also speak French, though I usually have to ask you to slow down in French and I’ve never had to use it professionally.

I’m particularly excited about what I’ve seen NetApp customers accomplish with our technology and the things going on at NetApp. As a very practical person I see our solutions solving real technical challenges not just in IT but also to accomplish things.