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Getting Started with AWS - Create a new Identity & Access Management (IAM) User

February 26, 2015

Topics: AWS1 minute read

One of the requirements to use the NetApp Cloud Proof of Concept lab with Amazon is to have an existing IAM user. An Identity & Access Management user allows for sub-account delegation. I have an article in my Demystifying Series about IAM Accounts or our Getting Started with AWS series. In this article, we are going to tackle how to create a new IAM user.

Let's begin!


Note: In order to access the Identity & Access Management Console, you must log in with an account that has full Administrator rights. If you are using an existing IAM user, you may have to log in as the AWS root user for your account. The root user is the email and password that you used when you registered for the account.

  1. Log into Identity & Access Management portion of the AWS Console
  2. Select Users and Create
  3. Enter a new Account Name and Generate the Access Keys
  4. Download the Access Keys locally
  5. Click Close
  6. Select the newly created username and edit the user policy
  7. Attach User Policy of a Custom Policy type
  8. Add the correct policy for this lab
  9. Click Apply

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